Carlos Vial Espantoso Award 2014

Bahamondez, Álvarez & Zegers team participated in the award ceremony of Fundación Carlos Vial Espantoso as its legal advisors. This year, partner Luis Parada participates as a member of the jury of this award that recognize every year, companies that build good laboral relationships, being the most relevant award in the country in this field.

Premio CVE2In the picture, from left to right: Hernán Rosadio, Surrogate CEO of Swisslog (winner companie in small companies categorie); María Isabel Vial, Chief Executive from Fundación CVE; Josefina Consiglio, associatte from Bahamondez, Alvarez & Zegers; Luis Parada, partner from Bahamondez, Alvarez & Zegers; Guillermo Zbinden: Finance and Administration Manager from Swisslog; Teresa Izquierdo, Manager and Director of Studies and Consultancy from Focus (winner companie in medium companies categorie); Francisco Covarrubias: General Manager of Studies and Consultancy from Focus