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DLA Piper Chile is a law firm of people for people, therefore, what most matters to us is to count with a team of people who are upright first, and in second place, outstanding lawyers, passionate about their life and for their work.

We love the work that we do here at DLA Piper BAZ|NLD, which is why working here is such an exciting challenge. We search for trustworthy and talented people, who share our values with solid and deep professional ethics, and, just like us, are fond of their job. Our clients hold us in high esteem and appreciate what we do because we what we are talking about, we fulfill what we promise, and we work with them shoulder to shoulder, as a team, actively looking for what is best for them; this is our hallmark. The same makes our clients have high expectations of us and the resulting workload is intense, only apt for people who like what we do. If you consider that you share these values, we would be glad to welcome you to our team.

Personal progress at DLA Piper (Chile) depends solely on one’s own merits, not on one’s contacts or relationships, and that is why we are sure we have a bright future ahead. These are no mere words, we practice what we preach, and, in spite of the fact we started our firm not long ago, we have been recognized both in Chile and abroad due to the quality of our team and our working methods.

That is why we invite you to join this fascinating project and to be a part of its development. We don’t want to be the biggest or the more reputed law firm, what we want is to be the best at what we do, step by step, being enterprising, creative and eager to study, enjoying our work as much as we can. In this project, if you choose to join us, your development depends only on you. From our side, you will have no limits.

You will find the application form hereafter. This form makes the assessment of candidates easier. If you have any question about or problem with the form, please let us know to our e-mail

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That's why we invite you to be part of this exciting project and all its development. We are not here to be the largest or most recognized firm, but to try to be the best in what we do, step by step, being entrepreneurs, creatives and scholars, enjoying our work as much as we can. In this project, if you want to join us, your development depends solely on you. On our side, there will be no limits.