DLA Piper hosts a seminar on corporate corruption and compliance

With the substantial support of legal and corporate professionals from major domestic and international companies, DLA Piper Chile hosted a seminar called “¿How to prepare for new scenarios?” which focused on compliance, and corruption in the private sector.

The main themes that panelists addressed in the meeting were the new local and global compliance standards, as well as the main foreign compliance regulations. Panelists also shared their analysis of the offenses that were recently instituted in Chile for corruption in the private sector and fraudulent management.

Angela J. Crawford and Louis Ramos, lawyers at DLA Piper Miami and Washington DC respectively, who have extensive experience in litigation, arbitration, investigation of financial crimes in the private and public sector, and free competition, discussed some recent changes that have occurred in corporate law at a global level. To that effect, Louis Ramos explained that one of the challenges that large companies face today is the development of trusting relationships within the company. He stressed that it can be challenging to “walk” in the same direction. “To achieve great results,” Ramos added, “it is essential that we proceed with common goals, and ask ourselves: ¿Where are we now and where do we want to go?”

Mauricio Halpern, counsel to DLA Piper Chile and the former public prosecutor of large Chilean corporations, also spoke on the panel to highlight how “important it is to understand that there are new channels and instruments of complaints, which must be leveraged for the greater development of corporate legal frameworks.”

In addition, Rafael Cox, CMPC´s public prosecutor and panel participant, discussed the challenges in compliance culture that companies are facing today, and the importance of further developing complaint channels within Chilean corporations.

The seminar took place on Tuesday, June 25th at 8:30am in Club 50.